Graduate Certificate in Nursing

Program Description

Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Non-Specialisation), is a general qualification that aims to provide qualified nurses with educational opportunities specific to the advancing role of the registered nurse, thereby facilitating their professional growth and development, this course will also help you improve your analytical skills and ability to assess patients.
This Graduate Certificate in Nursing provides students with an entry path to the Graduate Diploma in Nursing then subsequently into a Master’s degree in Nursing in Australia.


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Program Structure

Subject Code Subject Name
Phase 1
GCNNK1 Nursing Knowledge 1
GCNNK2 Nursing Knowledge 2
GCNCP3 Clinical Project
GCNRN4 Research in Nursing

Possible Job Outcomes

Leadership positions such as:
• Associate Nurse Unit Manager
• Nurse Unit Manager OR
• Work in a Leadership Role
• Remain a Registered Nurse but receive increased pay while developing a portfolio of leadership and mentoring experience