Graduate Diploma in Nursing

Program Description

Advanced nursing practice is directed a high degree of expertise as a nurse with greater levels of responsibilities, leadership in leading and providing responsive nursing care for individuals and families in general and specialized care, and increased understanding of the value of research and evidence-based practice. Further, the course is guided by the belief that post graduate education builds upon undergraduate education and previous clinical experience, and therefore the education process of the course is committed to provide an environment of critical inquiry, testing of ideas, generation and expansion of knowledge including the development of leadership capability and increased awareness or research skills. The course has been designed to reflect these beliefs.


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Program Structure

Subject Code Subject Name
Phase 1
GCNNK1 Nursing Knowledge 11
GCNNK2 Nursing Knowledge 2
GCNCP3 Clinical Project
GCNRN4 Research in Nursing
Phase 2
GDN3985 Evidence Based Practice in Nursing and Specialisations
GDN3986 Clinical Leadership and Management in Nursing Specialisations
GDN3987 Professional Issues and Policies in Nursing and Specialisations
GDN3988 ePortfolio

Possible Job Outcomes

• Nurse Unit Manager
• Clinical Nurse Specialist
• Staff Development Nurse
• Clinical Nurse
• Nurse Educator