Graduate Diploma of Nursing

Specialisation - Pediatric Nursing

Program Description

At the Graduate Diploma Level, nursing graduates study to develop and consolidate their skills in specialized setting in Pediatric nursing. As a Pediatric nurse, you will provide medical and surgical care to infants, children and adolescents in hospitals, outpatient departments and in other locations. Pediatric nurses are well-versed in all aspects of the growth and development of children, and they must be skilled and communication with both their patients and caregivers. The course modules are structured to provide a balanced program of theory and practice relevant to the career opportunities across the Pediatric nursing sector in Australia.


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Program Structure

Subject Code Subject Name
Phase 1
PCPN3981 Pediatric Nursing Knowledge 1
PCPN3982 Pediatric Nursing Knowledge 2
PCPN3983 Clinical Project
PCPN3984 Research in Nursing
Phase 2
PCPN3985 Evidence Based Practice in Nursing and Specialisations
PCPN3986 Clinical Leadership and Management in Nursing Specialisations
PCPN3987 Professional Issues and Policies in Nursing and Specialisations
PCPN3988 ePortfolio

Possible Job Outcomes

• After the successful completion of the program, the candidates may gain employment in a healthcare setting that serves pediatric patients, such as a hospital clinic, school doctor’s office, emergency room, hospital floor or intensive care unit.